Friday, July 07, 2006

Typical week?

Friday has come round very quickly. Thought I'd just make some notes on the week, a sort of round-up.

Monday was a day of working from home. We now have wireless internet, so have the odd and novel pleasure of typing a replies to work emails while cooking the bacon on the other side of the kitchen.

On Tuesday I had an early start - a working breakfast in the Riverside Restaurant with Dr David Price. It was a great chance for me to learn more about the DBA, something I'm considering for next year. I am still undecided whether I'd be better off with the structure of the DBA or the freedom of the PhD. Either way, I am already enjoying the feeling of demystification around research and excitement about being methodically creative in a subject area of interest. For me, this may be the use of language in adult learning. This is a theme I hope I can also develop here.

Also on Tuesday at the College, Dr Richard Boyatzis - impeccable pedigree, doyen of the topic of leadership and big cheese at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western in Cleveland - led a wonderful session on resonant leadership. He was a very animated speaker, had the whole audience of stunned faculty up and clapping along to Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' at the start. The mark of a good subject and a good presenter is when everyone is left with something different to think about.

Wednesday was spent up in London at the Institute of Education, attending a Netskills training on Communication and Collaboration for e-Learning. It certainly got me interested in how a blog works (as you can now see). It also reminded me how lucky I am to be living and working outside London!

Thursday was interesting because, as often happens in this job, there was something different to do every half and hour. My preferred Belbin team roles are Plant and Resource Investigator, so that chopping and changing suits me just fine. Whether much actually gets finished is another matter! Luckily, we have some fantastic doers - the administrators - here. I took part in a lengthy meeting to work on aspects of the new VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). The possibilities for interactive working are immense, but so is the complexity of setting it up.

And on to today. Much of the morning was taken up 'clarifying the situation' regarding the use of the Henley name to someone who was selling their Diploma assignments on eBay. This afternoon I'll be helping to interview potential candidates for the face-to-face MBA programme. These people come along to the College for Selection Days. It's the part of the job I love best, interaction with future, current and former members. I am just finishing the College's coaching certificate course, and that has been a wonderful journey, too.

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