Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pilates (not of the Caribbean)

As a trainer I have never felt more alive than when running (sometimes literally if I was with a group that was late, or lost) outdoor team building events in the countryside. Not only is there something inherently 'natural' about using all the many levels of metaphor to be found in our surroundings in personal and organisational development, it was a great way to make the connection between mind and body.

Because often the work at Henley is quite desk-bound - more than is good for the body (or the mind!), I have started to change my habits. Last Monday I went along for my first pilates class in Oxford, which is a series of carefully arranged floor movements, stretches and exercises designed to increase flexibility and build up your 'core' muscles (the ones middle-aged men like me often ignore in favour of hunched shoulders).

No doubt there is a world of pilates-geeks, in-jokes and folk-lore now to discover. Thankfully, I am now old enough not to really care that I am the least flexible person in the room (for now...!).


Lynda Lippin said...

A whole world of Pilates history (actually interesting as Joseph Pilates began developing the work as a German internee on the Isle of Man during WW1), publications, copyright lawsuits, and approaches to explore if you wanted :-).

Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Website
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berry said...

Outdoor team building can certainly get the blood racing and allows people to explore new ideas in differnt surroundings.Great fun!

Cath said...

Hi Chris

I have recently moved to the Henley area (4days) after living in other warm countries. I was looking for Pilates studios on the net and was pleasantly refreshed to read your blogg. I am a pilates instructor and having withdrawal symptoms from not teaching. Its as much part of my life as running, riding, swimming, hopping, skipping and aventuring. I just wanted to say keep it up, sure you will be more flexible soon.