Friday, August 31, 2007

Applying myself

I finally finished writing my application to start a PhD. It's taken months! That's not because it takes me an age to fill out a form, but rather because I felt I needed to present a decent case for my proposed area of research (which I've blogged a little about quite a while ago). What I thought would be a 2,000 word document, including references meticulously referenced the Harvard way, actually expanded to nearly 5,000 words.

Apparently, what I actually get down to in my research may well be nothing like where I have now begun, but (equally apparently, or so I'm told) the process of writing, reflecting, rejecting and re-creating is essential to the doctoral process.

Great, I can hardly wait!

For now, I am going to sit back for a while and wait for the reaction from Lancaster. And post up one of those generic metaphoric photos of people in a race (culled from the Guardian).

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