Friday, October 12, 2007

The Italian job

I'm very happy to announce that Giampiero is safe and sound!

If you don't know who Giampiero is, it won't mean much. If you have met him, you will at once be very relieved to know he's fine, as well as instantly curious as to what could have happened to him.

Giampiero Favato is, he won't mind it said, a larger-than-life Henley faculty member who runs engaging and very well received workshops on Finance. He was yesterday involved in a head-on collision in his car about 40 meters from my desk on the busy road that runs past the College. He drives, or since it is now in so fit state, drove a Smart car and, well, I will let his email to us carry on...

"I am sorry I scared the hell out of you, but, believe me, I never intended to.
In spite of the dramatic dynamics of the accident (I come from the Country of Opera!), nobody actually was seriously injured. I just have swollen knees and a sore shoulder, that's all, and I am rapidly improving. Few days of rest and I will be as good as new. Even though I passed out, my cognitive functions did not get any damage, meaning that they are not any worse that they used to be. Also the other driver seems to be fine, just a little shocked.

I am still unable to figure out who cut off whom, but it was a frontal crash, I know that. I saw what is left of my car, and I was clearly hit on the left front side... But this is a job for forensic police... the important fact is that nobody got seriously injured.

Thank you for your concern and your wishes. I will be back next week, as soon as I find another car to drive. Have a nice weekend,

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