Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Got them can't-get-going-on-my-PhD blues

Two months after applying, this afternoon Lancaster sent me almost the first email in the process concerning my PhD application.

Theirs is not a university that likes to keep foster the impression that they are pleased to see you and are hungry for applicants.

Unfortunately, the email was to inform me that "We regret that after careful consideration we have been unable to find a suitable supervisor with the capacity to take on a new doctoral student in your research area. Unfortunately, we are therefore unable to offer you a place on our PhD programme."

I guess I need to have a different mindset to understand the PhD application process and as much as I'm quite disappointed, I'm not daunted. I shall be looking around for other avenues and possible venues to study.

It did have the odd side benefit of appreciating that the ethos and (usually) speed of administration and delivery on the MBA at Henley really is focused on the ones who secure our future - the programme members.

Since my research proposed study in critical reflection, I shall now go and reflect a bit with a glass of single malt.

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