Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday bites back

I knew it was going to be one of those days when on a freezing cold start to the day on the M40 this morning I was cut off by a white van which completely failed to see me. Lucky there was nothing by my side as I swerved left to avoid the van.

My composure recaptured, I nevertheless decided to park on the 'client' side of the road at Henley (and therefore just outside my own office), with the flimsy internal excuse that I was already late. After a quick word with the Director of Studies for the Full-time MBA I made it to work and went straight to set up a team build session for the Advanced Management Programme, which is now in its third and final week. The team-build went well, and I really enjoy working with the spontaneity of an experiential learning exercise, but from then until I left at 6.30 that evening, the day was a fusillade of issues...

Some days are quiet games of gentle lawn tennis, others are like being on the other side of the net as the training machine blasts out ball after ball at top speed. I now have a 'to do' list to organise my 'to do' list. There were issues to juggle all day around budgets, timetables, workshops, special cases in admission, re-registration and plagiarism, as well as several 'corridor' meetings with colleagues from all over the college.

I didn't make it in to speak with intake 35 during their Finance workshop, but will start with them tomorrow morning at their Personal Development session. Being away in Hungary, I missed being able to speak to Intake 32, which I very much regret as theirs was a Part Starter workshop and marked the half-way point in their MBA.

One piece of heartening news is that we are now certain to be over target in recruitment for the next Henley intake, which start at the College this week on Friday.

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