Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All present and correct

In the past week or so I have presented my thinking and ideas for my research twice - once to a research colloquium on the Henley DBA programme, and the other (much more nerve-racking) as a shorter version to the modular MBA group.

There is something very sobering in presenting to those who are themselves on their own journeys at doctoral level. It is reassuring to find that they fear the same things you do, are discovering the same dead-ends and enduring the same self-doubt. They also exude the same energy and enthusiasm for learning that can grip you when (if!) you have the luxury of getting your head down and into your project for a few days. October was a desert for my research, but I hope that November will be different - not least because I am down to present my work so far in Lancaster at the end of the month, as well as to my supervisors. The presentations have helped me order my thoughts, but they're no substitute for time to read and space to write...

The second presentation I made, at the weekend, was to try and drum up volunteers to help pilot some early ideas and techniques for interviews. I was very happy with the response, with six people coming forward (I only needed two) to assist in December. It seems that something about the research area and idea captures the imagination.

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