Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Sharp Intake of...

This weekend is the Starter Workshop for the new group of Distance Learning MBAs. We had 74 people in, a terrific recruitment result and a really good first day. I really like the mix we get and am enjoying developing the format so that we can really engage them with Henley and begin to frame their learning in a helpful way.

My favourite part was telling a long and convoluted story about a manager who decides to take some extra time after a training to reflect on what he had learnt. In so many words, he walks up a mountain spends a week there and then walks down. I end the story with what appears to be a simple yes/no question about his ascent/descent. Invariably, there is a split in the group amongst those who answer one way or the other (or decide they don't know) and we have a really good debate where I invite one side to try and convince the other. I suspect some of the group are still suffering with working it out.

Some people were 100% convinced they knew the answer (both people who thought yes and those who thought no), but most were unable to commit. What was even more interesting was that there was invariably little anyone could do to change the opinion of others. All the more interesting as I had received a whole set of answers to the question, asked earlier, "What do managers do?" which included replies such as 'persuade others' and 'make decisions'...!

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