Monday, November 20, 2006

Virtually Challenged

I am now into week two of the Henley Virtual Tutor Certificate course. I am one of about a dozen participants, several of whom are colleagues at Henley, so we have the slightly odd sensation of being on an online course, but sitting together at lunch...

It's already been quite an interesting experience. It's much more difficult to be active with a group of people that you don't really meet face to face, at the same time as managing your own reading and reflection of the material, at the same time as keeping to the deadlines of study, at the same time as working full time... I could go on.

The Wiki is going along. Only one other member has actually posted/edited anything, so that is quite interesting. There's no way of telling if any of the others currently eligible to take part have actually spent time on the site. Nevertheless, it is beginning to take shape, and part of its shape is based on comments of others.

This past weekend also was the Optional Skills Weekend for Distance Learning MBAs, with half-day workshops on various topics, such as Consultancy Skills, Resume Writing, Research Methods and NLP. It was quite well attended and I am keen to build on it, and tailor it to student needs more. I ran the Resume Writing session, and was aware that the Henley Coaching course was having an influence; rather than focus on the typical 'dos and don'ts' of CV, I was encouraging people to work on their career goals, research their intended reader and then start writing.

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