Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who's in

Most mornings I like to walk in to the College via the main entrance. It's not the most direct route from the staff car park to my office, but I like to look at the board - just on the left as you go in - listing all the courses, programmes and companies in that day. Painstakingly arranged by hand the previous evening, it gives a sense of how busy it will be that day, but I enjoy it more for the more exciting range of activity and visitors the College hosts.

Today's, for example, had the usual suspects, a distance learning Intake and a company MBA, as well as some now familiar corporate clients, such as BaE Systems. What caught my eye, though, was the England and Wales Cricket Board. I don't know if this was a course arranged by us, or Henley simply hosting a meeting (as it often does, being where it is and looking as it does), but I enjoyed speculating the kinds of discussions they must be having. Let's hope they were all out before tea...

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