Sunday, March 11, 2007

And now for something completely different

Last week we launched the first intakes on Henley's revised MBA curriculum. Preparation for this event - a blend of new module content, new elearning environment and desire to create a distinctive and life-changing experience - has been the most stressful work project I have ever been involved with. Some colleagues, long in service at the College, told me that Henley has the knack of 'making things right on the night', and despite some worrying moments during January and February, so it proved.

The first Dynamics of Management workshop, for students in our Danish, Finnish and Swedish network, was innovative, thought-provoking and just the right mix of discussion, presentation and provocation of self-awareness.

It was not what many of those coming to the programme were expecting, although we knew that would be the case and in fact welcomed and relished the challenge to their preconceptions.