Friday, March 16, 2007

World Wide Wait

Off next week for a week to Budapest with the Modular and evening MBA students as part of their international study trip. Budapest is where I spent 18 years from 1987 to 2005, so I am curious to see what has changed. I will try to blog whilst there.

I will be checking carefully also to monitor progress on the four international intakes recently started or about to start the MBA at Henley. As part of the Personal Development process, we are encouraging people to reflect in learning journals on thoughts and insights about their studies and their goals. It is very exciting to connect with members by reading their new posts, and I hope that we can get some energy going in the intakes and that those who are reluctant begin to see the benefits, not just of the power of writing for themselves but also of the feedback they receive from others.

Mind you, I'm learning a lot about the scope of the world wide web. Henley has students in Europe, where the IT infrastructure allows us to play with thoughts of 'synchronousity', in South Africa, New Zealand and Trinidad, the story is quite different.

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